Author Q&A Series: Jonny Sun

There are people, who come in and out of your Twitter feed for a reason, and change your life for good. And one of those people, for me, is Jonny Sun. I don’t know how I first stumbled upon his words – it was probably because Lin-Manuel Miranda had retweeted a brilliant string of syllables that Jonny came up with. He’s a voice of reason, light, hope, and creativity on the internet. … Read More

The Write Teacher(s) Playlist: July Picks

Happy July! Goodness – where does the time go? Here are our bookshelf picks for July: The One & Only, by Emily Giffin First Comes Love, by Emily Giffin Nevertheless, by Alec Baldwin (and, just in case you missed it – Everyone’s a Aliebn When Ur a Aliebn Too: A Book by Jonny Sun) Happy Reading! Live, Love, Learn, Megan & The Write Teacher(s) 

A Write Teacher(s) Review – Everyone’s a Aliebn When Ur a Aliebn Too: A Book

Picture it. You’ve had the worst day. You’re been pushed down by people. You’ve put your heart out there and gotten it broken. You’re craving connection. You’re craving love. You’re craving friendship. Because, let’s be real – life is so much sweeter and easier when you have someone there, in your corner. The world feels less massive and the pain feels more bearable, and suddenly tomorrow doesn’t seem so daunting.  Been there?… Read More

Bookstore Pledge: Powells

I love bookstores in all their forms. Yes, even the corporate chains. But there’s something special about independent bookstores. The people, the lighting, the smells – it just makes my little literary heart super happy. So I’m restarting Bookstore Pledge Series, highlighting independent bookstores all over the country!  First up: Powell’s Bookstore! THE STORE: Powell’s Books is an independent bookseller serving Portland, Oregon, since 1971. We’ve grown to employ over 530 people across… Read More

A Write Teacher(s) Review: Born a Crime, by Trevor Noah

Imagine your mother throws you out of a moving car to save you from, well, the cab that you’re riding in, because the cab driver wants to hurt you both. Imagine not having indoor plumbing. Imagine having a white father and a black mother, and that the simple act of love that brought you into this world, is also a crime. Imagine all of that – and then read Born a Crime… Read More

The Write Teacher(s) Bookshelf: June Picks

Hello Bookworms! Happy June, Happy Pride Month, Happy Summer! Here are our bookshelf picks for June: Everyone’s a Alien When Ur a Alibn Too: A Book ::: by Jomny Sun Woman No. 17: A Novel ::: by Edan Lepucki  Walking to Listen: 4,000 Miles Across America, One Story at a Time ::: by Andrew Forsthoefel Happy Reading, Friends! Live, Love, Learn, Megan & The Write Teacher(s) p.s. – if you’re reading along, don’t forget to… Read More

A Write Teacher(s) Review: small great things

Dearest Bookworms, What can one say about Jodi Picoult? She is a wizard with words. She is a master of storytelling. She is a brilliant human. And she has recently come out with a new book, small great things. And it is so great. So, so, so great! See, Jodi Picoult tells stories that stay with you, she creates characters that feel like old friends, and after you are finished with one… Read More

The Write Teacher(s) May Bookshelf

Dear Fellow Readers, These last few months have been extremely busy and have found little time to read. As we enter the month of May and summer weather rolls in, I hope to carve out more time to spend with a good book. Here are three books coming out this month that we are looking forward to: The Jane Austen Project by Kathleen A. Flynn (available 05/02/17) Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine… Read More

A Write Teacher(s) Review: The Grownup

Dear Bookworms, A few months ago, I decided to join the Book of the Month Club.  I ordered the first month because it came with an extra book for no additional charge, and if you know anything about me, you know that I’ll do just about anything for a free book. Life got away from me, and I just now got around to reading that extra book. And let me tell you… Read More

A Write Teacher(s) Review: Perfect Little World

When Izzy found out she was pregnant, she thought she had a plan. She’ll marry the baby’s father, her high school art teacher, and they’ll live a happy life together. But things rarely go as planned, do they? Izzy finds herself alone and pregnant, working on her feet at a barbecue joint where she pulls meat from the bellies of pigs. She has a sort of plan, but things change when the… Read More