Beyond Broadway Lives Free in New Hampshire

This month Beyond Broadway explores two theatre companies in New Hampshire that provide theatre to their communities in unique ways. Richard Waterhouse and Doug Shapiro share their experiences working at Shaker Bridge Theatre and The Barnstormers, respectively. Shaker Bridge Theatre I was taken by the quaint and sleepy town of Enfield, located in New Hampshire, near the Vermont border. In addition to exploring theatre outside of New York City, taking a jaunt… Read More

Beyond Broadway Returns to The Big Apple

Happy 2017! I spent the last year in the theatre trenches producing, promoting, directing and even acting in festivals, community theatre and Off Off Broadway.  I also saw a lot of shows. Some were single performances that were self-produced. Some were short runs produced by a theatre company. Some were even shows that do the festival circuit. I was able to connect to many artists and learn about why they created work… Read More

Beyond Broadway Salutes POWER! in Hollywood Fringe

What a way to kick off Year 3 of writing the Beyond Broadway column! This column has fed my theatrical soul and my artist community has grown and keeps growing. This all started because I believe in artists. Everyone has a voice. Each person has a vehicle to share their story, their message, their passion. The truth is each month I have a feeling about something and then the artist presents themselves to… Read More

Beyond Broadway Fringes in Orlando with Tasty Monster Productions

I have been having on the Fringe prowl and when you ask, you shall receive. Luke Tudball and Heather Bagnall are the power couple behind Tasty Monster Productions who are presenting their show, Space Pirate Puppy Musical, in the Orlando Fringe. The Orlando Fringe is “longest running Fringe Festival in the United States” celebrating 25 years this year. Heather and Luke share about their partnership and their experience in this month’s festival.  Malini: How… Read More

Beyond Broadway is Illuminated by “Ghost Light”

  Jeanette and I met and bonded while we were working on Who’ll Save the Plowboy? that ran Off Broadway last season, she in the role of producer and I was doing publicity. Our discussions revolved around New York history, theatre and her web series, Ghost Light.  I binge watched the first season and laughed. I had so much identification. If you love Waiting for Guffman, do community theatre or waiting for… Read More

Beyond Broadway Flows with Reg E. Gaines and The Downtown Urban Arts Festival

I was recently introduced to a festival created here in NYC that I knew NOTHING about which is strange. I am not saying that I know all things theatre. I do, though, know about the arts festivals in my hometown. Sometimes art is so underground that we miss it before our very eyes. The Downtown Urban Arts Festival (“DUAF”) is currently running at a few locations (HERE, Joe’s Pub, The Tribeca Film… Read More

Beyond Broadway Revels in Trinidad (Carnival 2016)

I had a moment while walking down Frederick Street, chowing down on pommecythere chow (one of my favorite Trini snacks), towards the end of the parade. Carnival is the ultimate presentation of theatre. There’s costumes, moving sets, music, dancing, storytelling and an audience. Sure you might be asking yourself “there’s storytelling in Carnival?” Yes. The history of Carnival in Trinidad is one steeped in the culture of the island. It goes back… Read More

Beyond Broadway Ponders Beyond Broadway 2016

I have the awesome opportunity this month to vacation in Trinidad for a few weeks. I am looking forward to exploring the theatrical roots of my culture especially The Trinidad Theatre Workshop. This week I was thinking about theatres that I would like to visit and write about this year. So this month’s column is more a wish list. Here it is: I read a great article in The Guardian about The Bristol… Read More

Beyond Broadway Travels to Westchester

This past week I visited an old haunt for me up the river from us city folk. Ossining, NY is a lovely town on the Hudson River. I visit the town a few times a year when I support Rehabilitation for the Arts’ program at Sing Sing and when I shut myself off from the world to do my silent retreat. This time, my dear friend and collaborator, Derek Straat, invited me to see a reading with… Read More

Beyond Broadway Derails with The Eternal Space

Over the last couple of years, I have been working on a project called The Eternal Space.  This project is unique to me as it is a play based on an actual New York City historical moment. In 1963, the beautiful Pennsylvania Station was demolished due to a lack of funding and did not go down with a fight. There was uproar and protests but alas nothing could stop the plans. As… Read More