Queering Your Bookshelf: Kate Bornstein

Whenever people are just starting to delve into the world of gender theory and ask me for recommendations of books, my first go-to rec is pretty much anything by Kate Bornstein. Kate (who goes by ze, hir, hirs pronouns) is an author, playwright and performance artist who, in my option has written some of the most interesting, accessible, FUN books about gender that I’ve read. Ze doesn’t come without hir critics, many… Read More

Queering Your Bookshelf: None of the Above

I was shocked the last time I went into a bookstore for my usual ‘take pictures of books I want to read in the hopes that I can find them at the library’ time. In my usual search for queer looking young adult fiction, I came across a book called None of the Above by I.W. Gregorio. The title seemed promising for a book about an outcast if not a queer person,… Read More

Queering Your Bookshelf: Children’s Books

Hi Friends, When you’re my age, you suddenly realize that your Facebook feed has gone from crazy photos of ruckus parties to pictures of weddings, expanding bellies and happy announcements about the birth or adoption of a brand new kiddo. I’m not interested in having kids myself, but I take my duties as friend/family of people with kids very seriously. Mostly when it comes to books. I have a few stock favorites:… Read More

Queering Your Bookshelf- Andrew Keenan-Bolger on Jack and Louisa: Act 1

Hi Friends, A couple months ago, I received an exclusive advance version of a book about theatre kids written for middle grades. I’m usually a fast reader, but I devoured this particular book, finishing it in an evening. I laughed, I cried, I even recognized some of the character names…not all that surprising considering I’m related to one of the authors. In February, my little brother Andrew Keenan-Bolger and his collaborator Kate… Read More

Queering Your (Digital) Bookshelf- Fanfiction

Hi Friends! It’s wonderful to be back at the helm of Queering Your Bookshelf after a little summer hiatus while I put up my show The Birds and the Bees: Unabridged. I’m thrilled to have a bit more free time, and already, plenty of that time is going towards some super queer reading. This month I’ll be focusing on something a bit different- a whole genre of literature that exists primarily online…. Read More

Queering Your Bookshelf- LGBTQIA Theory

Hi friends! My first year of undergrad at Oberlin College was a bit of a shock as my first Gender and Women’s Studies class introduced me to the wonderfully wide world of ‘theory.’ Coming from Detroit Public Schools where I could dissect Maya Angelou like a pro, I wasn’t quite prepared for what Judith Butler had to offer. These days I’m much more at ease diving into books where I have to look… Read More

Queering Your Bookshelf- LGBTQIA Comic Books and Graphic Novels

Hi Friends! My first college girlfriend was horrified to discover that in all my 18 years, I’d never actually read a comic books or graphic novel.  She was even more horrified when I admitted that in all those 18 years, I really had no desire to read comic books or graphic novels.  Determined to rectify the situation, she walked with me to the campus library, found Stuck Rubber Baby by Howard Cruse… Read More

Queering Your Bookshelf- Asexuality in Fiction

Hi Friends! Conquering the acronym “LGBTQIA” is no small feat. Even those of us most ‘in the know’ can get turned around.  What order are the letters supposed to go in again?  Did some new letters get added I don’t know about? What do they stand for anyway? The truth is, people use different acronyms in different orders for our community. I’ve recently updated myself from generally using LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,… Read More

Queering Your Bookshelf – YA Fiction

Hello Friends, I’ve always been a fan of young adult fiction. The formation of identity – how we define ourselves, why we become who we become and how that’s always changing has always been a focal point of my work. These issues are never so resonant or important or obvious as they are in young adult fiction.  One of my favorite Madeleine L’engle quotes is, “You have to write the book that wants… Read More