A Write Teacher(s) Review: “Someone Else’s Skin” by Sarah Hilary

I’ve recently fell in love with the author Sarah Hilary, her novel Someone Else’s Skin, and her character Marnie Rome, a Detective Inspector from London, England. It’s a story that spans over four books, and we recently found out that a fifth one is on the way! I absolutely had to share this story with thewriteteachers.com! Sarah Hilary is such a brilliant writer, her stories are fast paced and compelling – I think she deserves so much more notoriety.

Following the story and life of Detective Inspector Marnie Rome, we follow one particular case that takes place in a women’s shelter for women who are escaping domestic violence with her partner DS Noah Jake.

They go into the women’s shelter for one case involving one of the women and come out with another case to deal with and solve when DI Rome and DS Jake walk into a pretty intense scene, unfolding before their eyes. I don’t want to give anything away because this book is packed with twists and turns and heartbreaks and anger and sadness and it’s a rollercoaster ride but it’s a great ride at that. This is truly a book that can stop time. The story will transfix you – and as things begin to fall apart in Marnie Rome’s world, you begin to see everything in slow motion and time seems to fade away.

The characters and storyline are beautifully written – it is evident that Sarah Hilary did extensive research on women’s shelters and the psychological effects of domestic abuse.

If you enjoy a good detective story with depth and intrigue, then I highly recommend picking this up. When I finished it, it was definitely a book that stayed with me for a bit. Not because it was so heavy (which it was and could be at times) but because I wanted more. I wanted to know more of DI Rome and DS Jake and their lives after these cases because it took such a toll on the both of them, I wanted to know how they were doing. Luckily for all of us there are (soon to be) four additional books in this series. I just started the second novel, “No Other Darkness” and it is just as good!

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A Write Teacher(s) Review: “Someone Else’s Skin” by Sarah Hilary