A Write Teacher(s) Review: Pansy in Paris

Hello Beautiful People,

Allow me to introduce you to Pansy, a beautiful poodle who has been adopted into a loving family and a sweet little girl, Avery. Avery and Pansy start begin their lifelong friendship in Beverly Hills, and you can read more about Pansy and Avery’s California adventure here.

What comes after Beverly Hills?

Well, Paris of course!

Since Pansy and Avery were able to solve the mystery at the Palace Hotel, Inspector Claude writes to the dynamic duo, asking them to come to Paris to solve the mystery of the missing paintings!

Will Pansy and Avery find the theif? Will they solve the mystery? Will they help Inspector Claude? Well, you’ll have to read the book to find out! But here’s what you should know – Pansy in Paris is a delightful tale of friendship, fun, and teamwork.  The positive message will be an asset to the education of any child who is lucky enough to get their hands on a copy, and the vibrant illustrations are sure to spark every readers imagination!

I was thrilled when the publishers of this title gifted The Write Teacher(s) with a copy of this literary treasure, and so, we’re spreading the love.


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Live, Love, Learn,

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A Write Teacher(s) Review: Pansy in Paris