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The Write Teacher(s) is the ultimate hub of online information  in arts, entertainment, and arts education that publishes daily. We are a resource for artists, arts educators, and audience members everywhere – keeping up with the latest and greatest in theatre, books, music, television, film, visual arts, and arts education. Our foundation is rooted in cultural substance, creative connectivity, and positivity. We believe everyone has the ability to learn more – and you’ll never find a “take down” piece here! Live, Love, and Learn with us. 


A letter from our Founder – 

Hello Beautiful People, 

It’s been almost four years since I started The Write Teacher. And yes, at the time it was The Write Teacher. I was on a mission to create a tutoring company. I myself was struggling in the job department, and I knew a plethora of teachers who were also challenged in the employment department. This seemed like a perfect idea to solve all of our job woes, while still working in education.

Little did I know how hard starting a tutoring company was….we were ready to work, but, we were having trouble getting clients.

In an effort to reach more readers, (and subsequently more clients), I began to suggest books for reluctant readers, and talk about my favorite titles.

The students that I was currently teaching in a night school program hated to read, and, as a bookworm, bibliophile, and lover of all things literary, I was determined to find a book for each of these reluctant readers. So each time I had a new success story, a new tip, a new teaching experience that related to books & art & reading (hence the “teachsperieince” column), I began writing about them.

To my surprise, these were the posts that started gaining momentum and attention. My recommendations started spreading, as did word of “The Write Teachers”.  Authors started sending me ARCs, and before I knew it, I was dealing with something much bigger than a tutoring website.

People were listening.

I began to share stories from my life, always relating to the things I know best: theatre, books, television, film, music, and of course, education. 

And that’s when things starting getting interesting, because readers started to want to share their own stories. 

Since the literary community was so receptive and welcoming to my little idea, I thought, why not ask actors & actresses? Theatre, has, and always will be, my first love.  I saw my first Broadway show when I was five, and I can safely say that my life was never the same.  Whether it’s writing plays, directing, or acting, I am home when I’m the theater.  When I step into that space, I feel the heat of the lights, I gaze up at the catwalks & the grids & the flyspace…and I feel complete.  

So, I took to the Playbill Vault – and wrote to every actor I could find a direct email contact for – asking them if they’d participate in a Q&A.

When Daphne Rubin Vega said sure, why not – I nearly had a heart attack.


I regained composure of course, and managed to pull that Q&A off without a hitch – and it will always be one of my favorite pieces, and Daphne will always have a special place in my heart. For her participation gave the confidence to keep going, to keep asking, and to keep the site growing.

I cannot begin to thank the actors & actresses who have participated in our series.  Words, which are always at my fingertips, well, they fail me now, as my gratitude is just too immense, and I am unable to form an eloquent response in thanking you all.  Know that I adore each and every one of you, and I hope to continue to work  with you all. 

So, here we are…

This once little WordPress blog has grown to become TheWriteTeachers.com, a force that is growing faster than I had ever dreamed.

See, my dream was to create a space online, that taught about the art – art that sticks to soul like glue, art that changes you, that changes how you think about the world, that changes how you think about yourself.

This started as a solo journey, but I now have a fearless group of writer superheroes who stand behind me. They are my tribe, a team of beautiful, wonderful, amazing souls, who share my passion and vision and goal for The Write Teacher(s).

We are teachers, writers, actresses, and directors.  We believe that arts are essential.  We believe in community.  We believe in leaving an imprint on this world so that it is better than when you found it. We believe in framing a conversation for all topics, and we do it through the lens of theatre, books, television, film, music, and of course, education.  

The world is changing, and I (we) want to set the framework for the discussion.

As far as reviews & commentaries go, you won’t see any negativity here, especially when it comes to talking about another artist’s work.  I have no patience for people who make careers out of trying to tear others down, and you’ll never find that type of piece on this site.  The world has enough negativity, we’re not about to start adding to the mix.  Furthermore,  I am not a novelist, and neither are any of my team members.  If we read a book that we don’t like, well, we’re not going to sit here and take the time to slam it.  What good does that do? We didn’t LIKE it.  We don’t have the right to BASH it.  The same goes for the theatre that we watch, although since we are more involved in that particular field, you may find some constructive criticism.  Constructive. Capeesh? 

I hope you’ll join the conversation.  To my fellow Thespians, theater lovers, bookworms, educators, musicians, writers, & artists, it is my hope this will become a hub of positivity.  

A place of celebration.  

A place of deliberation.

A place to grow, and a place to learn.

Live, Love, Learn,


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