Q&A Series

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Hello Beautiful People, 

The Q&A Series is probably one of the largest parts of The Write Teacher(s).

Perhaps it comes from the fact that I believe that we all learn by conversation. By asking questions. By caring enough to ask about the nitty gritty little details in ones life just as much as the bigger, bolder, brighter milestones. Or, perhaps it comes from the fact that my fourth grade teacher put a limit on how many questions I was allowed to ask the given school day.  I was to think really hard about what I was asking…I was to make sure that they were good questoins.

And now, forgive my language, but I’m calling bullshit on that.

We learn by inquiring. Discovering. Wondering. Questioning.

So now, I ask the questions, and I ask a lot of them. The Actors & Actresses Q&A Series,  Directors Q&A SeriesMusic Magic Q&A Series, Movers & Shakers Q&A Series, School Time Q&A Series, Summer Author Q&A Series make my heart happy.  I’ve recieved countless emails from people all over the country telling me how much they love them, how much they are inspired by them, how much they learn from them.

We become better artists, writers, teachers and people when we stop and listen.  We become better artists, writers, teachers, and people we open our mouths and start to question. To create a dialogue. To create a conversation.

If you even have a recommendation for any of our Q&A Series, I’d love to hear from you, just use the handy dandy contact form below.

And always, always, KEEP. QUESTIONING.

Live, Love, Learn,


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Q&A Series