A Love Letter To Tonys

Hello Beautiful People, Each year I watch the Tony Awards, I get more and more emotional. More and more invested. I become more and more in awe of the beautiful community in which I find myself a part of — I mean, The Secret Garden was the first show I ever saw, Daisy Eagan the youngest woman to win the Tony Award, and she’s in my next show at 54 Below on… Read More

A Write Teacher(s) Spotlight: Bend in the Road

Hello Beautiful People, When I first heard that Benjamin Endsley Klein was directing Bend in the Road at the New York Musical Theatre Festival, I knew that it was one of the shows that I had to see. If you saw Ann, you know exactly what I’m talking about. (If you didn’t, well, that’s a shame – you absolutely missed out.) Now, in Bend in the Road, Benjamin Endsley seamlessly moves the… Read More

Directors Q&A Series: Benjamin Endsley Klein

Hello Beautiful People,  To say that I’m elated to bring the newest feature in the Directors Q&A Series would be an understatement. A huge understatement.  I returned to Amy’s Bread for yet another fantastic interview with director Benjamin Endsley Klein, and was blown away.  He is eloquent, he is wise, and he is passionate about his craft.  If I transcribed every single word of this interview, it would be a novella, as… Read More

A Write Teacher(s) Review: ANN

Hello Beautiful People, I’ve never been to Texas. But I’ve always wanted to go. I’ve never met Ann Richards… But she has come back to life through the words and body of Holland Taylor. Oh goodness, this show, this show, this show. I saw it two weeks ago, and yet it’s taken me this long to find some way to eloquently express my love for this production – and still I find… Read More